Forgia A.R.D.



Gas forge of new generation, designed to have maximum yeld with less consumption by exploiting the recovery air.
The forge gives an excellent performances at 0,5 BAR

Forgia CO-35


Product description:

dimensions (WxDxH) 430x390x440

room size (WxDxH) 270x190x130 (Cm)

Weight 29 Kg

Torch / s 2

Insulation Thickness 50 mm

temperature Max. 1400° C

Consumption 0,0092 m3/me

  • On all forge the coating thickness is mm. 50
  • The burner is made from a single piece of aluminum and through the use of machine tools, with the inner section designed and executed using the effect "VENTURI"
  • The burner and the flame are not disturbed by any external atmospheric agents
  • Automatic adjustment of the flame and perfect mixture of air and fuel
  • Dining forges two burners,to use the mono flame closing one of the two taps that manage the two burners individually
  • Low fuel consumption,even using the forge always 2 bar
  • In round forge,the coating is assembled in various pieces,where it is easy and economical to replace or repair
  • In round forge,the lower part of the coating is made of harder material,to withstand any impact with the horseshoe
  • Each mold is designed and assembled inside the company Colleoni,and you have the chance to meet any request for modification
  • Available in two colors: Nera o Silver
  • Possibility to have it in a special edition : "Gold Series",with various details in gold color
  • Any component is of excellent quality and of Italian production
  • Dining each mold,down the door
  • Welding supervised and carried out by qualified personnel
  • Very good quality